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How can one utilize the If statement and Await to monitor changes in a store?

asked 2023-05-20 04:30:19 +0000

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answered 2023-05-20 04:48:02 +0000

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To monitor changes in a store using if statement and await, follow these steps:

  1. Define the store: Create a store object with state and actions that modify the state.

  2. Define a function that checks for changes in the store: This function should use an if statement to compare the previous and current state of the store.

  3. Implement an event listener: Use the event listener to call the function that checks for changes in the store.

  4. Use the Await keyword: Await for the changes in the store and refresh the UI.


const store = {
  state: {
    count: 0,
  actions: {
    increment() {
    decrement() {

function checkForChanges(prevState, currentState) {
  if (prevState.count !== currentState.count) {
    // Code to handle the changes in the store

store.subscribe(() => {
  checkForChanges(prevState, store.state)

async function main() {
  while (true) {
    await store.waitFor(['increment', 'decrement'])
    // refresh UI based on changes in the store


In this example, we create a store object that has a count property in the state and two actions, increment and decrement, that modify the count property. We then define a function, checkForChanges, that checks for changes in the store and handles them accordingly. We use the store.subscribe method to listen for changes in the store and call the checkForChanges function when a change occurs. Finally, we use an async function with the await keyword to wait for changes in the store and refresh the UI when they occur.

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