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Why does the NCS AsyncInferQueue provide previous results instead of the expected results for a certain inference?

asked 2022-11-10 11:00:00 +0000

scrum gravatar image

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answered 2022-01-06 03:00:00 +0000

ladyg gravatar image

There could be several reasons for this issue:

  1. Queue size: If the queue size is too small, the previous results may not be purged properly, and the new results may overwrite the previous ones.

  2. Incomplete Inference: If the inference process is not complete, it may provide incomplete or previous results.

  3. Overloaded System: If the system is overloaded, it may not be able to handle the inference requests properly, resulting in delayed or previous results.

  4. Incorrect Implementation: If the AsyncInferQueue is not implemented correctly, it may not function properly and provide incorrect or previous results.

To resolve this issue, check the queue size, ensure the inference process completes successfully, reduce the system load, and verify the implementation of AsyncInferQueue.

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