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The content inside my buttons is not visible on the screen.

asked 2021-04-18 11:00:00 +0000

bukephalos gravatar image

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answered 2021-08-03 15:00:00 +0000

qstack gravatar image

There could be several reasons why the content inside your buttons is not visible on the screen. Here are a few possible causes and solutions:

  1. Check the color of the font: If the font color of the text inside your buttons is the same as the background color, it may not be visible. Try changing the font color to a contrasting color.

  2. Make sure the text is not too small: If the text inside the button is too small, it may not be visible. Increase its size.

  3. Check if the button is overlapping with other elements: If the button is positioned behind other elements, it may not be visible. Try bringing the button to the front using the z-index property.

  4. Disable ad-blockers: Sometimes ad-blockers can interfere with the layout of your website and prevent content from loading properly.

  5. Check the code for any errors: If all else fails, check your HTML/CSS code for any errors that may be causing the content inside your buttons to not display correctly.

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