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How can the React handleChange function be modified to save one input field as a number, while storing all other input fields as strings in an array?

asked 2022-04-03 11:00:00 +0000

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answered 2021-07-08 16:00:00 +0000

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Assuming you have an array of input fields, you can modify the handleChange function to check if the input field is the number field (based on its name or any other identifying characteristic) and convert its value to a number before storing it. Here's an example:

state = {
  inputs: ["", "", ""], // example array of input fields
  numberInput: "",

handleChange = (event) => {
  const { name, value } =;

  // check if input field is the number field
  if (name === "numberInput") {
    this.setState({ numberInput: Number(value) }); // convert to number and store separately
  } else {
    const { inputs } = this.state;
    const index = Number(name.slice(5)); // extract index from input field name (assuming format "inputX" where X is the index)
    inputs[index] = value;
    this.setState({ inputs });

In this example, we have one input field designated as the "numberInput" (you can change the name to whatever makes sense for your use case). When this input field is changed, the value is converted to a number using the Number() function and stored separately in the state. For all other input fields, we extract the index from the field name (assuming a format of "inputX") and store the value in the corresponding index of the inputs array. The inputs array is then stored in the state as usual.

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