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How to send DBT results back to Airflow?

asked 2023-05-26 10:07:52 +0000

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answered 2023-05-26 10:34:02 +0000

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To send the results of a DBT job back to Airflow, you need to use Airflow's operators for DBT. These operators include:

  1. DBTRunOperator - This operator is used to run DBT models.

  2. DBTBashOperator - This operator is used to run DBT commands in a Bash shell.

  3. DBTSeedOperator - This operator is used to load seed data into a DBT project.

  4. DBTTestOperator - This operator is used to run DBT tests.

To send the results of the DBT job back to Airflow, you can use the xcom_push() method in the DBT operators in the task that runs the job. This method allows you to store a value in Airflow's XCom system, which is a simple key-value store that can be used to share data between tasks.

For example, to send the test results of a DBT job back to Airflow, you can use the DBTTestOperator and xcom_push() method as follows:

dbt_test_task = DBTTestOperator(

def get_dbt_test_results(**context):
    test_results = context['task_instance'].xcom_pull(task_ids='run_dbt_tests')
    # process the test_results data and send it to the desired destination

send_results_task = PythonOperator(

dbt_test_task >> send_results_task

In this example, the DBTTestOperator is used to run a DBT test called "mydbttest", and the xcompush=True argument is used to store the test results in Airflow's XCom system. The getdbttestresults function is then used to retrieve the test results from the XCom system using the xcompull() method, and process the results as needed. Finally, the senddbttestresults task is used to send the processed results to the desired destination.

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