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How can ansible be used to check ports for multiple locations with multiple endpoints?

asked 2023-01-25 11:00:00 +0000

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answered 2022-06-07 06:00:00 +0000

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Ansible can be used to check ports for multiple locations with multiple endpoints by utilizing the built-in wait_for module. This module allows you to specify the endpoint IP address and port to check, as well as the timeout and number of retries.

Here's an example playbook that checks ports for multiple locations with multiple endpoints:

- name: Check ports for multiple locations with multiple endpoints
  hosts: all

      - name: Location 1
      - name: Location 2

    - name: Check ports for endpoints in each location
        host: "{{ endpoint }}"
        port: "{{ port }}"
        state: "started"
        delay: 10
        timeout: 60
        retries: 6
      loop: "{{ locations | json_query('[].endpoints[]') }}"
        loop_var: endpoint

        port: 22  # the port to check on each endpoint

      register: port_checks

    - name: Display results of port checks
        msg: "Endpoint {{ item.item }} in {{ item.location }}: {{ item.status }}"
      loop: "{{ port_checks.results }}"
        label: "{{ item.item }}"
          location: "{{ locations | json_query('[?endpoints.contains(@, `%s`)].name' % item.item) | first }}"
          status: "{{ 'Success' if item.rc == 0 else 'Failure' }}"

In this playbook, we define a list of locations that each have their own list of endpoints. We then loop over each endpoint and use the wait_for module to check if the specified port is open. We register the results of each check and then display them in a debug message.

To run this playbook, you would need to specify the hosts to run it on and make any necessary modifications to the locations and port variables.

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