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What is the process of using the Multmerge() function in r to combine files in a directory?

asked 2021-05-03 11:00:00 +0000

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answered 2021-09-24 15:00:00 +0000

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The multmerge() function is not a built-in function in R. However, a custom function could be created to combine files in a directory using the following general process:

  1. Create a vector of file names in the desired directory using the list.files() function
  2. Filter the vector to include only the files with the desired file extension using the grep() function
  3. Use a loop or iteration to read in each file using the appropriate file reading function (e.g. read.csv(), read.table())
  4. Combine the data frames using a desired method (e.g. rbind() or cbind())
  5. Optionally, export the combined data frame as a new file using the appropriate file writing function (e.g. write.csv(), write.table())

Here is an example function that could combine csv files in a directory:

multmerge <- function(dir_path, file_ext){
  # get file names in directory
  files <- list.files(dir_path)
  # filter to only include desired file extension
  files <- files[grep(file_ext, files)]
  # create empty data frame to store combined data
  combined_data <- data.frame()

  # iterate through each file and combine with previous data
  for (file in files){
    file_path <- paste0(dir_path, "/", file)
    file_data <- read.csv(file_path)
    combined_data <- rbind(combined_data, file_data)

  # return combined data

This function could be called with the desired directory path and file extension:

combined_data <- multmerge("/path/to/directory", ".csv")
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