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How can the password be reset using React Native, Supabase, and Auth Flow?

asked 2022-01-21 11:00:00 +0000

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answered 2022-10-17 02:00:00 +0000

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To reset a password using React Native, Supabase, and Auth Flow, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a password reset page/component in your React Native application that allows users to reset their password by entering their email address.

  2. Add a reset password button or link that triggers a function to send a password reset email to the user's email address using Supabase Auth Flow.

  3. In the function that sends the password reset email, use the Supabase Auth Flow forgotPassword method to initiate the password reset process for the user's email address. This will send an email with a password reset link to the user's email.

  4. When the user clicks on the password reset link in the email, they will be taken to a password reset page/component in the React Native application. This page should prompt the user to enter a new password.

  5. In the function that handles the password reset, use the Supabase Auth Flow resetPassword method to update the user's password with the new password they entered. This will complete the password reset process.

  6. Redirect the user to the login page once the password reset is successful.

The code for this process may look something like this:

// Handle sending the password reset email
const handleSendPasswordReset = async (email) => {
  try {
    await supabase.auth.api.forgotPassword(email)
    // Notify the user that an email has been sent
    alert('Password reset email sent!')
  } catch (error) {
    // Handle error

// Handle resetting the password
const handleResetPassword = async (email, password) => {
  try {
    const { error } = await supabase.auth.api.resetPassword(email, password)
    if (error) {
      // Handle error
    } else {
      // Redirect the user to the login page
  } catch (error) {
    // Handle error

Note that you'll need to have authenticated the user before allowing them to reset their password. You can do this using Supabase Auth Flow's signIn method.

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