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How can I include a calendar icon in the MUI v5 Mobile Date Picker using react?

asked 2023-05-26 17:26:56 +0000

djk gravatar image

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answered 2023-05-26 17:37:02 +0000

woof gravatar image

You can include a calendar icon in the MUI v5 Mobile Date Picker using the following steps:

  1. Install the MUI Icons package by running the following command:

    npm install @mui/icons-material

  2. Import the CalendarTodayIcon from the MUI Icons package using the following code:

    import CalendarTodayIcon from '@mui/icons-material/CalendarToday';

  3. Pass the CalendarTodayIcon as the startIcon prop to the MUI v5 Mobile Date Picker component, as shown below:

    import { MobileDatePicker } from '@mui/lab';
    function Example() {
     return (
         label="Select date"
         startIcon={<CalendarTodayIcon />}
         renderInput={(props) => <TextField {...props} fullWidth />}
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